TRANYA T1-Pro Earbuds Review and Specs

TRANYA T1-Pro Review

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Picking a pair of wireless earbuds can be a real struggle. An extensive range of products from various brands offer different claims, leaving you with a headache and confusion. Among the long list of earbuds with affordable price, there’s the TRANYA T1-Pro that has more to bring to your table.

This product claims to produce incredible sound with wider frequency than its competitors. It also boasts water resistance that makes it suitable for rigorous workouts and outdoor activities. Curious? Check out the following review.

First Impression

First Impression

The T1-Pro is built with a similar design as its counterpart, the TRANYA T3. It is built with dark grey scales with a metallic button on the back. The ergonomic design allows the buds to fit in your ear canals without giving you a sore even after prolonged use.

The metallic grey button lets you enjoy easier control to the tracks and phone calls. A single press lets you play or pause tracks. Double presses on the right bud will increase the volume and pressing on the left bud will decrease the volume. Three presses give you access to voice assistant.

A pair of wireless earbuds is secured in a pill-shaped case that also functions as a charger. The charging case is made from black ABS plastic with two receptacle to hold the buds. With L/R code, it’s unlikely to place each bud mistakenly.

I like the rounded design that makes it safe to put in my bag or travel case—it won’t scratch other objects. Despite the dimension being a bit wider than its rivals, the case remains portable, easy to carry and lightweight.

Much like other charging cases, it houses four LED indicators that show battery level. On the back, it also has a micro USB input that lets you charge with ease.

TRANYA T1-Pro in the box

Each package of TRANYA T1-Pro includes a pair of earbuds, a charging case, 3 pairs of ear tips, a micro USB charging cable, and a user manual. The ear tips are made of comfortable silicon material that gives you comfort when using it. With different sizes, choose one that fits your ear canals.

How do I feel about its design and appearance? Well, it’s pretty obvious that I really adore its modest, simple yet elegant design. It would be nice to have this pair of earbuds in my ears.

TRANYA T1-Pro Features

This is the most important part of the review. The T1-Pro comes packed with plenty of features to take your favorite tunes on the go. Not only does it offer high quality sound but also upgraded convenience. Here’s a closer look at the features brought to your table.

1. Stable and Fast Connection

Most wireless earbuds launched in recent years feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology and the T1-Pro is no exception. With this connectivity, it promises fast, stable and reliable connection to enjoy seamless music experience at anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, the Bluetooth technology is combined with a high sensitivity antenna that gives extended range with fewer dropouts. Keep moving on and enjoying the tracks.

2. Water Resistant

Water Resistant 

A durable pair of earbuds is ready to be your partner for any activities, either indoors or outdoors. Featuring IPX5 waterproof, taking these earphones during a tough workout or training won’t be a big deal. Interestingly, the buds are also claimed to be dust resistant.

3. Automatic Connection

Automatic Connection

It’s annoying to connect the earbuds with your devices repeatedly. Thankfully, the T1-Pro features instant pairing that lets you listen to the tracks instantly. Simply take the buds out of the case and it will automatically pair with your device.

4. Noise Cancellation

It’s a real struggle to have a phone call or listen to music on a crowded street. Ambient noises can distract your concentration and it isn’t what you want. The T1-Pro features passive noise cancellation that blocks surrounding noises, including wind noise when you’re biking or jogging.

Simply put, this pair of earbuds lets you focus on your world. You don’t need to worry to pick up a call in a cab or listen to favorite tunes in a public place as you can enjoy the peaceful and quiet world.

Amazing Sound Quality

Amazing Sound Quality

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Despite the design and appearance reminds me of the Tranya T3, the sound quality is a bit different especially in terms of bass. The T3 promises a deep bass while the T1-Pro has a little less. Despite the bass isn’t as heavy as its counterpart, this earphone remains decent.

Featuring Realtek headphone chip and HD speaker, the T1-Pro produces premium sound quality. Compared to its rivals, this earphone offers 1.5 times wider dynamic range for better treble clarity, more bass texture, and more details.

Featuring Realtek headphone chip

The T1-Pro works well to jam out music from various genres like pop-rock, classic rock, jazz, and any other genres to your likings. Overall, this model is more balanced than its counterpart, the T3.

Battery and Charging

Battery and Charging

The T1-Pro battery life is more than acceptable. The earbuds give 6 hours of continuous playtime per full charge. With the charging case, it gives you around 42 hours of playtime. Whether you want to take music on a back and forth trip or training, it never loses power.

When the battery is dead, you can charge the case by plugging a micro USB cable to the input on the back of the device. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB adapter or your laptop. Typically, the case needs to be charged after 7 times of earbuds recharges.

Do you expect wireless charging? Unfortunately, the T1-Pro doesn’t come with wireless charging compatibility. It still uses the conventional way of charging with USB cable only.

TRANYA T1-Pro Pros and Cons

  • Incredible Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Waterproof
  • Auto-Connect
  • Comfortable
  • Less Deep Bass
  • No Wireless Charging

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What can be better than having a quality pair of earbuds without breaking the savings? Yes, it’s true that the T1-Pro is an entry-level model that is value for money. But before rushing to a store and get one for yourself, I’ve compiled pros and cons for your further consideration.

TRANYA T1-Pro Pros

  • Incredible Sound Quality

Despite it’s not specifically designed for audiophiles, the T1-Pro is able to produce incredible sound to bring your listening experience to the next level. Thanks to advanced technology that allows the earbuds to deliver wider frequency for immersive and clear audio.

  • Long Battery Life

Supporting up to 42 hours of continuous playtime, I think this pair is more than enough to accompany your commutes, workouts, or outdoor activities. Don’t forget to charge the case after 7 times of earpieces recharges to make sure it won’t run out of power.

  • Waterproof

Listening to favorite tunes under the rain or during a hardcore workout isn’t a problem. Featuring IPX5 waterproof, it pushes you further to explore your capabilities. The buds are designed to prevent water or sweat from penetrating and damage the internal components.

  • Auto-Connect

It’s inefficient to manually pair the buds with your device every time you need. Thus, I consider this a good reason to choose the T1-Pro as a great partner. Simply remove the buds from its case, enable Bluetooth on your device and the earbuds will connect automatically to your phone. That’s it!

  • Comfortable

Ergonomic design gives you a comfortable feeling when using it. The slim body keeps the buds securely in your ear canal and different sizes of ear tips prevent the earpieces from wiggling. Choose the tips of your size to block ambient noise. Even after a prolonged use, it won’t hurt your ears.

TRANYA T1-Pro Cons

  • Less Deep Bass

Are you expecting a pair of earbuds that provides a deep bass? The T1-Pro comes with decent sound quality but the amount of bass isn’t as spectacular as the T3. Besides, the sub bass doesn’t bring a considerable amount of rumble.

  • No Wireless Charging

This isn’t a nice pick if you expect wireless charging. The T1-Pro isn’t compatible with wireless charger so you have to stick with wires and cords wherever you go. However, it remains tolerable for a pair of wireless earbuds in its class.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the TRANYA T1-Pro is an excellent piece of earphone that enhances your music time. It produces incredible audio quality with balance sound, added with ease of use features like waterproof, auto connect and long lasting battery life. Not to mention it has a modest and simple design.

Have you made a decision? Let me offer you a little help. If you’re looking for Bluetooth earbuds with reliable audio without spending pretty pennies, the T1-Pro is a nice pic. But if you expect a bass monster with wireless charging compatibility, this pair is surely not for you.

TRANYA T1-Pro Specifications

Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range10 m
Earbuds Battery Capacity50 mAh
Case Battery Capacity800 mAh
Earbuds Playing Time6-8 hours
Charging Time2 hours
Voice AssistanceSiri/Google
CompatibilityiOS, Android, HarmonyOS
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