TRANYA Rimor Bluetooth Earbuds Review and Specs

TRANYA Rimor Review

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Claiming yourself as an audiophile? Then it will be a little difficult to find the right earphones to meet your preference. Good news for you, TRANYA has launched a special product dubbed the TRANYA Rimor that can be your best music partner on-the-go.

As sound quality becomes its main selling point, of course, you can count on this pair of wireless earbuds to upgrade music listening experience. Featuring IPX5 waterproof and multiple modes, enjoying your favorite tune has never been this exciting!

Design and Appearance

The Rimor looks like a typical set of wireless earbuds with a simple and modest design. The kit includes a pair of earbuds, a charging case, 3 pairs of ear tips, and a Type-C charging cable.

Design and Appearance

The in-ear earbuds are constructed from a black ABS plastic and finished with grey gloss that brings its appearance to the next level, it’s the same as other TRANYA earbuds like TRANYA B530. On the back, it features a soft touch button area that enables you to control music on-the-move, like skip track, play music, adjust volume, and even answer phone calls.

To enjoy the control functions, gently tap the surface. Give a single and short tap to answer or end a call. If you need to play or pause audio, simply press the surface. Hold the area up to 2 seconds to play the previous or next track. Interestingly, it also lets you activate Voice Assistant with triple press.

Rimor’s charging case is quite wider than its counterparts, perhaps because it has a larger battery. Despite its wider size, it’s lightweight and highly portable so that it can easily slip in your bag, backpack, or travel case.

The case is built from the same material as the earbuds. The rounded design makes it safe to place in your bag, not to mention it makes the overall appearance look modest and elegant. The top lid is easy to flip with one hand, and yet it won’t open by accident when not in use.

There are four LEDs on the charging case that indicate the battery status. On the back, there’s a charging port where you can plug the USB cable to charge the case.

TRANYA Rimor in the box

The kit also includes three pairs of ear tips that come in different sizes. It lets you find the right size that fits in your ear canal. Make sure it doesn’t wiggle so that ambient noise can be blocked.

Overall, Rimor’s design and appearance gives an added value to this model. I’ll feel more confident to have this pair of wireless earbuds on my ears.

TRANYA Rimor Features

When it comes to features, Rimor knows well how to make audiophiles enjoy their favorite tune. The tiny product wraps myriad features to offer not only high quality audio but also upgraded music experience. I’ve arranged some of them, so check it out.

1. Multiple Modes

The wireless earbuds let you customize listening modes, including stereo mode for immersive sound experience and share mode to share the happiness and music excitement to your friend or family. It also includes mono mode that is suitable for driving or anytime you don’t want to miss ambient sound.

2. Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation

Most earbuds have the same problem—ambient noise distraction. Of course, it’s very annoying if you’re on a phone call or want to focus on the music. Thankfully, the Rimor features environmental noise cancellation that allows you to concentrate on your world.

Whether you’re in a cab or on a crowded street, the in-ear earbuds let you enjoy the peaceful and quiet moment. It can also be a great partner if you need to concentrate in a busy office.

3. Solid Connection

Featuring the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the Rimor earbuds offers instant pairing. The fast, solid, and reliable connection lets you enjoy smooth music experience with fewer dropouts. Thanks to optimized chipset that brings faster and stable connection.

Interestingly, the earbuds stay connected to the last connected device. Once you’re back in range, the earbuds will automatically reconnect with your device. Simply remove the buds from their case and use them instantly.

4. Water Resistant

This pair is built to endure. Thanks to the IPX5 water-resistance that prevents water, sweat, and rain from damaging its internal component. The Rimor is your best partner for workouts and outdoor activities.

Outstanding Audio Quality

Outstanding Audio Quality

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Audio quality is the main selling point of this pair. I can confirm that it isn’t just a boast like many other wireless earbuds rolled out to the market. As claimed in the marketing material, it’s truly for the on-the-go audiophile.

The Rimor has an excellent soundstage. The sound of instruments like synths, drums, and vocals are separated without crossover. Combined with the Realtek audio codec, enjoying high-bitrate audio without quality loss is on the ear tips.

When it comes to frequency, the Tranya earbuds is able to produce sound from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, which is rarely found in most wireless earbuds. With such a range of frequency, I assure you that won’t lose any frequencies.

features a 10mm driver

Not to mention it features a 10mm driver that produces deep bass and crystal clear treble. However, the deep bass isn’t that ‘deep’ even though it goes just fine. However, if you want deeper bass, TRANYA also provides Rimor deep bass version with bolder bass.

Battery Life

Battery Life

The powerful sound and crystal clear audio must be supported by a powerful battery. At first, I thought it would give more than 40 hours of playtime but I was wrong. The pair of earbuds is equipped with a 50mAH battery that gives up to 5 hours of playtime per full charge with 1 hour of charge time.

When using the charging case, the total playtime is extended up to 25 hours. Thanks to a 500mAh battery that can be fully charged for 2 hours, significantly faster than its counterparts that take around 2.5 to 3 hours.

fast charging with Type-C USB

The Rimor features fast charging with Type-C USB cable that gives you 90 minutes of music listening only with a 10-minute charging. It’s very useful if you are rushing to a meeting or need to jam out while commuting. No need to wait for hours, a 10-minute charging can give you all the convenience.

Things get better as the USB cable lets you charge the case from various sources like USB adapter or even laptop. Don’t worry about dead battery as you can top off the battery almost anywhere.

TRANYA Rimor Pros and Cons

  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Water Resistant
  • Fast Charging
  • Comfortable Design
  • No Wireless Charging

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The Rimor undoubtedly has good marketing materials and it also receives positive reviews from customers. You might be tempted to pick this pair of wireless earbuds but don’t rush. Get to know more about the following pros and cons so that you can make a better decision.

TRANYA Rimor Pros

  • Superb Audio Quality

If you’re an audiophile, the Rimor is a pair of Bluetooth earbuds to provide you with high quality music experience. Featuring larger driver with high frequency range, you can enjoy immersive music that sounds like original sound. All is available on the move.

  • Water Resistant

Taking your favorite music while running or having gym is possible with the IPX5 water resistance. The technology prevents your sweat, water, or rain from damaging the internal component. Nothing can stop you!

  • Fast Charging

Are you in a rush? Fast charging lets you take favorite tunes on the go without waiting for hours. Simply charge the product for 10 minutes and you’ll be able to enjoy up to 90 minutes of playtime. This feature makes the Rimora more attractive especially for people with high mobility.

  • Comfortable Design

This is a pair of wireless earbuds that will stay in your ear canals. The earbuds are designed with ergonomic design, allowing it to lay naturally. Combined with comfortable ear tips, you can choose the right size for the best comfort. Not to mention it’s lightweight so you won’t realize they’re there.

TRANYA Rimor Cons

  • No Wireless Charging

Tranya’s Bluetooth earbuds don’t support wireless charging, which is a noticeable shortage especially for earbuds released in recent years. You’ve got to bring the USB cable anywhere to make sure it doesn’t run out of power.

Final Thoughts

Well, the TRANYA Rimor comes with a handful of good things to bring your music experience to the next level. Not only does it offer ergonomic and lightweight design, but it also offers outstanding audio to satisfy audiophiles as well as fast charging for high mobility.

If you ask me if it’s a good pair of wireless earbuds, of course, I would say yes. It has plenty of good things to mention, from design to performance. But if you expect to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging, of course, the Rimor doesn’t meet your preference.

TRANYA Rimor Specifications

Dimensions1 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches
Weight0.16 ounces
Bluetooth Range10 m
Earbuds Battery Capacity50 mAh
Case Battery Capacity500 mAh
Earbuds Playing Time5 hours
Case Playing Time20 hours
Charging Time2 hours
Voice AssistanceSiri/Google
CompatibilityiOS, Android, HarmonyOS
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