TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds Review and Specs

TOZO T6 Review

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Are you coveting a pair of wireless earbuds to be your workout partner? If you are concerned about quality but cannot afford Apple’s AirPods, the TOZO T6 can be a great alternative. These affordable earbuds boast advanced technology to produce high quality sound for a better listening experience.

With the combination of lightweight design and elegant appearance, these buds are able to upgrade your whole appearance. Featuring the latest Bluetooth technology, the T6 ensures easy and fast pairing with compatible devices.

Appearance and First Impression

Appearance and First Impression

Despite the market now flooded with earbuds in various designs and shapes, I believe the T6 can make its own way to people’s hearts. My first impression about these sleek black buds is elegant yet simple so I can confirm it can be a good choice to complement your style. Coming with a sturdy design, I’m pretty sure the tiny pieces are durable.

Along with the buds, there is a compact charging case that looks sleek with a glossy finish. It has two indentations that can be used to store the buds when not in use, at the same time charge them. The case is small and lightweight enough to slip into your pocket or bag so it’s possible to bring the set everywhere you go.

Still, about the charging case, it has four indicators that tell you the battery level. The thing just gets better as it supports wireless charging for more convenience. But if you need a faster charging time, the case houses a micro USB input at the bottom.

TOZO T6 in the box

What’s in the box? Each box comes with a pair of earbuds, a charging case, 3 pairs of ear tips, a micro USB charging cable, and a user manual. The ear tips come to my attention as they are soft and comfortable, allowing the buds to sit nicely on the ear canal. Replacing the tips is not a big deal and you can freely choose rubberized tips that fit your ears. Make sure they don’t wiggle!

So far, the T6 is a nice pair of wireless earbuds despite its affordable price. I don’t say they are the flashiest or the fanciest but they have a compact, sleek, and lightweight design that makes them attractive.

TOZO T6 Highlight Features

Good appearance is never enough to get your favorite tunes on the move. It should come with a set of features that are able to bring your music experience to the next level. I have a lot of things to say about their features so you would better keep scrolling!

1. Advanced Bluetooth Technology

Advanced Bluetooth Technology

The TOZO T6 is equipped with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that ensures fast and stable transmission. Enjoy a seamless music experience without tangling anywhere and anytime. Also with this connectivity, the earbuds features easy and quick pairing.

To pair with your device, simply take the buds out of the charging case and they will automatically search for Bluetooth connections. Get your mobile phone and make sure the Bluetooth is enabled. Choose TOZO T6 Bluetooth and you are ready to go. The wireless connection supports up to 30 feet which is about standard in my experience.

2. IPX8 Waterproof Protection

IPX8 Waterproof Protection

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I know a lot of wireless earbuds like TRANYA B530 that boast waterproof protection but it’s limited to the buds. I’m quite surprised to know that the T6 features IPX8 waterproof not only for the earbuds but also for the charging case! Covered with nano-coating, it’s unlikely for water and sweat to penetrate and damage the component. It is waterproof for around 30 minutes at 1 m water depth.

Thanks to a waterproof feature that makes the T6 suitable for gym, running, or other hardcore workouts. And yet, the marketing material mentions that they are not suitable for water sports like swimming or diving. But I think it’s possible to wash the buds once in a while—only if they are dirty.

3. Convenient Touch Control

Convenient Touch Control

Get access to different functions with convenient touch control. I know this feature has been adopted by plenty of wireless earbuds but I can confirm it makes the T6 more attractive. With all the controls at your fingertips, playing music, skipping tracks, or adjusting volume gets much easier with gentle taps. Compared to button control earbuds, of course, touch control is more convenient.

Excellent Sound Quality

Excellent Sound Quality

Let’s move to the most crucial aspect of wireless earbuds—sound quality. The buds are claimed to produce natural and authentic sound with powerful bass, thanks to the 6mm speaker driver. Paired with TWS and Bluetooth 5.0, it lets you enjoy seamless music experience with excellent quality and clarity with various sound profiles including HSP, A2DP, HFP and AVRCP.

Whether you’re more into classic rock, jazz, or modern hip hop, the buds can produce high quality sound that is clear and crisp. However, the bass is rather underwhelming. It works well for mid and high tones but it struggles for low tones and bass.

Overall, I’m quite happy to use these buds for jamming out. I can enjoy the natural and aesthetic sound as claimed even though the bass isn’t as powerful as expected. But for low-price wireless buds, this sound quality is more than acceptable.

TOZO T6 Battery

The T6 is equipped with a powerful battery that lets you enjoy music tracks from anywhere and at any time. A single full charge can give up to 6 hours of playtime, which is about standard in my experience. With the charging case, the playtime can be extended up to 24 hours. This is ideal for commuting, sports and leisure.

TOZO T6 Battery

What makes the TOZO T6 more attractive is the support for wireless charging aside from standard charging with a micro USB cable. Wireless charging provides you with a lot of convenience, especially when you’re outside. This is a good way to stay entertained without worrying about wire. Please note that the wireless charger is not included in the package.

How to charge the case with a wireless charger? The compact case houses a receiver at the back side, so you only need to put the case on the wireless charger and wait. But if you need a faster charging, simply plug the micro USB cable into the input at the bottom of the device.

TOZO T6 Pros and Cons

  • Good Sound Quality
  • Waterproof Protection
  • Wireless Charging
  • Sleek and Lightweight Design
  • Lack of Bass Performance

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The T6 can be a nice pick when it comes to affordable wireless earbuds. It highlights a variety of features that make it more attractive than similar products in its class. And yet, it also brings a few lacks that can be your further consideration before rushing to the store and get this product.

TOZO T6 Pros

  • Good Sound Quality

I am not going to say that the T6 has excellent sound quality but it’s more than acceptable for low price earbuds. It delivers natural and authentic sound, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of music genres on the go. This is an ideal device for the average listener.

  • Waterproof Protection

While other products boast waterproof protection only for the buds, the T6 comes with an innovation to give you some peace of mind. Both earbuds and charging case are waterproof, thanks to the IPX8 waterproof nano-coating that protects the device from sweat and water. This is a big deal moreover if you need to use the buds while running or skiing.

  • Wireless Charging

Enjoy hassle-free charging with a wireless charger. The case is compatible with wireless charger that offers easy and convenient charging everywhere. This feature comes in handy if you are traveling or having outdoor activities. Not to mention you are free of tangled cords.

  • Sleek and Lightweight Design

This is a pair of earbuds that boost your confidence. Coming with a sleek black design, the pieces look pricier than its actual price. Not to mention it’s comfortable and lightweight so it won’t give you a sore even after prolonged use.

TOZO T6 Cons

  • Lack of Bass Performance

The overall sound quality is good but bass performance is an exception. The bass isn’t quite deep and it needs to struggle with low tones.

Final Verdict

All in all, I don’t have many complaints about TOZO T6. It has a compact and lightweight design, which is an important point if you are concerned about appearance. It also works well to play a wide range of music genres even though it has a few flaws with the bass.

Is it a suitable device to enjoy music on the go? Of course, the T6 can be a nice pick if you need to upgrade music listening experience with a tight budget. But if you are an audiophile, it might not be your cup of tea.

TOZO T6 Specifications

Bluetooth version5.0
Bluetooth profilesA2DP/HFP/HSP/AVRCP
Transmission distanceUp to 10 meters
Frequency range2.402GHz ~ 2.480GHz
Impedance16Ω ± 15%
Standby time70 hours
Call time5 hours
Music playback time5 hours
Earbuds battery capacity55 mAh
charging time of earbuds1 hour
Battery capacity of charging case600 mAh
Charging case charging time1 hour
Weight4.6 grams
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