RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim MP3 Player Review and Specs

RUIZU X02 Ultra Slim MP3 Player Review

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Listening to high quality music during a workout or outdoor activity can help boost your mood. Smartphone can be a great music player but it’s rather inconvenient for sports or trips. As an alternative, MP3 player comes to offer music solutions with high portability and a multitude of features. Among the best choices available on the market, the RUIZU X02 gives you the best music enjoyment.

This ultra slim music player combines admirable design with exceptional performance to upgrade music listening experience. Featuring a built-in FM radio, extended playback hours, and expandable internal memory, the X02 can be the best portable MP3 player brought to your table.

Ultra Slim and Lightweight

The X02 highlights super slim design that makes it portable for outdoor activities and workouts. It weighs 30 grams only, allowing you to easily carry this device without effort, and it lighter than RUIZU M17 that weighs 70 grams. Thanks to the small footprint that allows it to fit in your pocket, suitcase, or travel bag. This super lightweight player can also slip into armband for a perfect companion while running or jogging.

Ultra Slim and Lightweight

This music-playing tool is well built with a solid and sleek frame that accentuates its fashionable look. Featuring classic buttons and a 1.8-inch color screen, this model can be a great complement to your outfit. The tiny screen lets you view important information including battery status and now playing.

The RUIZU X02 is an upgraded version that comes with UI interface for easier and better navigation control. The interface is pretty easy to understand so you don’t need to spend much time learning how to operate this player. To support its function, a memory card slot is housed at the left side with a USB port and earphone jack embedded at the bottom.

Multi-Functional MP3 Player

Multi-Functional MP3 Player

What you get

Designed as an MP3 player, the X02 supports not only music playback but also a handful of features like built-in radio and e-book reader. With multiple functions wrapped in one place, this tiny device has a lot of convenience to bring to the table. I have arranged various features to enjoy from this music player as follow.

1. Music Playback

Music Playback

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Of course, the X02 is a great tool to enjoy your favorite music on the move. This ultra slim player boasts high-quality and dynamic sound for better music enjoyment, in addition to equalizer, keystone mode, shuffle, and repeat. It also enables you to easily add favorite music to the playlist so you won’t lose interest to the device.

2. E-Book Reading

Not only does the X02 support music playback, but also it supports ebook reading. This feature is very useful as the tool is going to read the book and all you have to do is listen. For anyone who is too lazy to read, just like me, this player comes in handy to keep your mind nourished. Besides, it also enables you to add bookmark and continue reading where you left it.

3. Built-in FM Radio

Built-in FM Radio

This MP3 player offers a different way to enjoy your favorite radio station. Thanks to a built-in FM tuner that allows you to listen to radio programs on the go. Simply plug in the bundled earphone and you’re ready to jam out.

4. Expendable Memory

Expendable Internal Memory

The RUIZU X02 is designed with a built-in 8GB internal memory that is able to store up to 2000 music. If you have a vast music library to store in this tiny player, simply expand the internal memory up to 128GB. You can save any files including songs, e-books and videos just like a portable USB flash drive.

5. Voice Recorder

This mini player also features a voice recorder that enables you to record audio wherever you are. Whether you are in the mood for singing or need to record a new song at the store, this feature comes in handy. Save recorded audio and play whenever you want. I am sure you are going to enjoy this functionality.

6. Video Play

Despite its small screen size, the player supports video playback at 160 x 128 pixels. I don’t find this feature quite often in MP3 players so I can confirm that the X02 is one step ahead than other tools with similar functions. To enjoy this functionality, make sure your video file comes in AMV format.

7. Multiple File Formats

The portable MP3 player supports a variety of file formats, allowing you to run various files ranging from audio, video, picture, to text. The supported audio formats include MP3, WAV, APE, WMA, and FLAC. It also supports other formats like TXT for text file, JPG, JPEG, BMP for pictures and AMV for video. Make sure your files come in those formats in order to run smoothly on the device.

Reliable Battery Life

Reliable Battery Life

What makes me fall in love with this portable MP3 player is its powerful battery. The X02 is supported by a Lithium 420mAH battery that boasts up to 80 hours playback. Can you imagine playing music for 80 hours non-stop? Of course, it is more than enough for music jamming while having workouts or even during a trip.

As with other modern music-playing tools, the built-in Lithium ion polymer battery is rechargeable. The battery is fully charged within 2 to 3 hours using a USB cable that is bundled with the package. Thanks to the USB cable charger that allows you to charge from various devices such as USB adapter, computer, or laptop.

RUIZU X02 Pros and Cons

  • Ultra Slim Design
  • Full-Featured Music Player
  • Powerful Battery
  • Lack of Bluetooth

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Do you think the X02 is an ideal music player for you? This tool is undeniably convenient to listen to favorite songs during workout but it has a few shortcomings that makes you think twice before purchasing. If you need a little help in making a decision, take a closer look at the following pros and cons.

RUIZU X02 Pros

  • Ultra Slim Design

If you care so much about appearance, this music player comes with fashionable and stylish design to complement your outfit. Ultra slim and solid body gives a premium look, not to mention it is available in five color variants including Black, Red, White, Blue, and Rose Gold. Choose one that meets your personality.

  • Full-Featured Music Player

Having this music player in your pocket allows you to feel a different experience of listening to music playback, enjoying your favorite radio station, recording video, and reading e-book. Despite its small size, the X02 comes packed with a full set of features to upgrade your music listening and more.

  • Powerful Battery

How many players offer up to 80 hours music playback? I guess the X02 is one among few MP3 players supported by a powerful battery. With extended battery life, you don’t need to worry about battery when you are traveling or simply out and about.

RUIZU X02 Cons

  • Lack of Bluetooth

Much to my surprise, this versatile player does not feature Bluetooth connectivity. That means it only supports wired connection and it’s unlikely to connect the player to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Unfortunately, I consider this as a major drawback especially for MP3 players rolled out in recent years.

Final Verdict

The RUIZU X02 is an ultra slim music player that is loaded with convenient features for upgraded music enjoyment. Producing high quality and dynamic sound, you can listen to not only music playback but also favorite radio programs and even ebook. Despite it doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity, it lets you enjoy music listening with extended playback hours and vast internal capacity.

RUIZU X02 Specifications

Screen1.8" LCD screen
Flash memory8G
Audio formatMP3/WAV/APE/WMA/FLAC etc.
Video format160*128 AMV(converted video)
Recording formatMP3/WAV/ACT
Recording range5-8 meters
Playing time80 hours for music playback
Battery3.7 V/420 mAh
Charging time1-1.5 hours
SD card expansionUp to 128G
Lyric FormatLRC
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