RUIZU M17 Portable Sport MP3 Player Review & Specs

RUIZU M17 Mini Portable Sport MP3 Player Review

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MP3 players are now upgrading themselves to meet the demand of modern users. Few years back, if I’m not mistaken, music players were designed to be palm-sized with an unattractive, two-line monochrome screen, and minimum internal storage. But today, MP3 players are built to be tiny, portable, and attractive just like the RUIZU M17.

The M17 is a portable MP3 player that is packed with ease of use features to upgrade your music jamming experience. Built from the ground to be extra small, this music player lets you listen to favorite songs on the move. Featuring Bluetooth and voice recorder as well as ample capacity, this player offers more than expected.

Small yet Luxurious Design

Functionality meets luxury. That is all I can say about this mini MP3 player. The design reminds me of a tiny iPad with a sleek and round-edged frame. This device can easily slip into your pocket or bag as it measures 3 inches by 2 inches by 0.39 inches. Not to mention it is designed to be lightweight with only 70 grams, way more lightweight than a smartphone but it’s heavier than Oakcastle MP100 Portable MP3 Player with only 27 grams. Despite its tiny size, it is comfortable to hold.

RUIZU M17 Design

Pretty much like modern smartphones and tablets, the M17 features a 2.4-inch full touch screen. The device ditches all the front buttons except a center circle button that brings you back to the home menu. Of course, it makes the music player look fashionable and luxurious, in addition to easy to use. But this device is not totally button-less as it features three functional buttons on its left side.

The RUIZU M17 offers a user-friendly interface so you won’t spend much time learning how to use it. Especially if you are familiar with smartphone and tablet, I am sure you will know what to do with the menu. The home screen looks pretty similar like your mobile devices with app tiles like Music, Radio, Movie, Settings, and even Photos.

RUIZU M17 Myriad Features


What you get

The portable music player is suitable for various purposes such as sports, school, commuting, and relaxation. It is loaded with myriad features to boost your music time both indoor and outdoor. I have compiled a number of features to enjoy from this Bluetooth MP3 player so you might need to check this out.

1. Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

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The M17 features a stable and faster transmission with Bluetooth 5.0. This connectivity enables you to connect the player with compatible devices such as Bluetooth speaker or headphone. Enjoying your favorite music is getting easier without wire. Despite its wireless connectivity, it also supports wired connection with earphone and headphone.

2. Large Capacity

How many favorite songs do you have? If you are more into music, I understand that you might have a vast collection of songs to listen every day. The M17’s built-in 16GB internal memory allows you to store over 4,000 songs in this tiny device. Much to my surprise, it can be expanded to 128GB! Saving favorite songs is as easy as storing in a flash drive.

3. Pedometer Functionality

The electronics device is claimed to be a sport MP3 player for a reason. It features a pedometer that helps track your steps while walking, running, or doing other physical activities like fitness or even travelling. This is just a perfect tool to support your healthy lifestyle. Pedometer is supported in Bluetooth mode only.

4. E-Book Reader

E-Book Reader

RUIZU’s M17 is undoubtedly a multi-function MP3 player for all ages. Not only can it play music, but also it can serve as an e-book reader. Let the tiny device read the kid’s favorite story and see how happy the kids can be. As listening to stories help improve kids’ imagination as well as listening skills, this player can be a perfect gift for your juniors.

5. Built-In Speaker

Listening to your favorite songs using headphone or earphone is fun but a prolonged use can damage your hearing, not to mention the pressure can hurt your ears. Built-in speaker is the M17’s innovative feature that allows you to enjoy music without earphone or headphone. This is another way to make music jamming more fun!

6. Resume Music Playing

Resume Music Playing

Next on the list, this music player features resume functionality that lets you continue playing songs from where you left it. This feature is useful if you turn off the device and want to play music without repeating from the beginning. To resume the music, simply go to the Music icon and choose Resume.

7. FM Radio & Voice Recorder

The M17 also wraps built-in FM radio and voice recorder into this tiny device. Whether you need to know the latest music updates from the radio or covet to record your beautiful voice, this MP3 player can easily tackle it.

Long Lasting Battery Life

A full-featured MP3 player will be useless without a powerful battery. The RUIZU M17 comes with a rechargeable 500mAh Lithium battery, boasting a long lasting life up to 40 hours. This capacity is more than sufficient to enjoy your favorite songs while running, jogging, or fitness.

Dead battery is not a big deal as it is bundled with a USB charger. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the device, which is quite some time before having fun with the next music jamming session. The USB 2.0 port allows you to charge the player from computer, laptop, USB adapter, or in the car.

RUIZU M17 Pros and Cons

  • Multi-functional MP3 player
  • Luxurious Design
  • Ample Capacity
  • Lack of Clip
  • Very Small Screen

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RUIZU’s MP3 player is a portable music-playing tool that offers plenty of convenience. It is packed with a multitude of features that let you listen to favorite songs on the move. Despite all the good things claimed by this device, it has some minor shortcomings that potentially make it less attractive among users. I have extracted the pros and cons as follow.

RUIZU M17 Pros

  • Multi-functional MP3 player

You might never set a high expectation on this tiny MP3 player. But the M17 proves that size doesn’t matter as it wraps multiple functions into an extra small frame. Aside from music player, it also functions as a voice recorder, e-book reader, and FM radio, in addition to pedometer, timer, and calendar.

  • Luxurious Design

The portable music player adopts a compact and luxurious design with a solid body, allowing you to easily carry the device. Coming with all black cover and full touchscreen, this is a real definition of functionality meets luxury.

  • Ample Capacity

The M17 features a built-in 16GB internal memory that is capable of storing over 4,000 songs. It also supports expandable memory up to 128GB to save a vast music collection.

RUIZU M17 Cons

  • Lack of Clip

As a sport MP3 player, it’s rather tricky to carry the device while running or jogging. It lacks belt clips so you might need to buy an armband to hold the player.

  • Very Small Screen

The idea of using touchscreen for a tiny music player is great yet inconvenient at the same time. Moreover if you have big fingers, choosing between app tiles can be trickier than you think.


The RUIZU M17 is a multipurpose MP3 player that brings your music experience to the next level. With a full set of features, it lets you enjoy the convenience of music player, FM radio, e-book reader and voice recorder in one place. Thanks to the stable Bluetooth transmission that offers various ways of music listening and large capacity that enables you to store thousands of music collections.

RUIZU M17 Specifications

Music FormatMP3/ WMA/ APE / FLAC / WAV/ /DRM / ACELP
Video Format (resolution)240x320 AMV /AVI
Recording FormatMP3 / WAV
Image FormatJPG BMP
Fully ChargedAbout 2hours
Charger500ma-1A Output
Compatible SystemXP (Home, Pro, with SP1, SP2, SP3), 32bit / Windows 7 --10 64bit
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