Oakcastle MP100 Mini Portable MP3 Player Review & Specs

Oakcastle MP100 Mini Portable MP3 Player Review

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Portable MP3 player has been around for a while, allowing you to listen to favorite songs wherever you go. Despite its function being haltingly replaced by smartphones, it still has a place in people’s hearts. The market is currently flooded with pocket MP3 players and the Oakcastle MP100 is among the best products to choose from.

This mini MP3 player comes packed with a set of features to accompany your sporting activities. Specifically designed with compact and lightweight design, it can be a great choice for jogging or gym. What’s more? Check out the following deep dive review about the MP100 to get to know more about this music player.

Oakcastle MP100 Design and Layout

Oakcastle MP100 Design

The MP100 is a portable MP3 player that comes with a compact and lightweight design. It weighs only 27g so you will not notice that the device is there. Measuring 2.28 inches by 1.42 inches by 0.67 inches, it can slip easily into your pocket, bag, suitcase, or traveling sack.

Oakcastle MP100 Layout

The Oakcastle music player is equipped with a sports clip that lets you bring it while walking or running. Without the need of taking your smartphone, this player comes in handy to listen to favorite songs when you are outside.

Oakcastle MP100 In the Box

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Much to my surprise, this mini device features a water-resistant silicone that allows you to carry the player in all weathers. No need to worry about rain as it is built to be sturdy and durable in every condition. Of course, it also gives you some peace of mind when relaxing by the pool.

Additionally, the player comes with a color LCD screen that shows information like now-playing, battery status, and attractive equalizer. Not to mention it features functional buttons such as increase/decrease volume, pause/play, rewind, forward, and back. All the control is now at your fingertips.

Oakcastle MP100 Features

The MP100 wraps myriad features into its small and compact design. Despite its main function is to play your favorite songs, it comes packed with other features to upgrade your experience while jamming or doing sports. I believe you need to know the following convenience.

1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth lets you connect the mini player to compatible devices such Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Whether you host a party or simply want to enjoy the music with friends, all you need to do is to connect the MP3 player to active speakers. But if you need a little privacy, the MP100 also supports wired listening with headphones or earphones.

2. SD Card Slot

This is a mini and portable music player that comes with a boast of ample internal memory of 16GB. With this memory size, the device can store more than 10,000 songs of your favorite. If you are more into music and have a lot of collections, Oakcastle MP3 player enables you to expand the internal memory up to 128GB. The slot is compatible with various sizes ranging from 16GB to 128GB.

3. FM Radio

Not only does the MP100 serve as a music player, but it also functions as FM radio. To enjoy this feature, plug wired headphones into the device and listen to your favorite radio broadcasts. The wired headphones come with a built-in FM antenna so it can receive radio transmissions in your area. Interestingly, the headphones are included into the package.

4. Voice Recorder

Voice recorder is another highlight feature brought by the Oakcastle MP100. After listening to your favorite songs, record your beautiful voice and let your family or friends listen to it. I’m sure recording voice using this mini device is so exciting.

5. Extensive Supported Media

I know that your music files may come in different formats. You don’t need to convert the files before transferring to this player as it supports extensive media. Let’s mention some popular audio formats like MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG and AAC. Surprisingly, it also supports other media formats such as JPG, GIF and BMP.

Oakcastle MP100 Battery

Oakcastle MP100 Battery

To enjoy music on the move, the MP100 is powered by a rechargeable 300mAh Lithium battery. With such battery capacity, you can enjoy battery life of 30 hours on wired headphones or 9 hours on Bluetooth. Of course, this is more than acceptable for everyday listening or sporting activities. It can also be a perfect companion when you are travelling.

What if the device runs out of power? No worries, it features a rechargeable battery so you don’t need to replace the battery once it is draining. Each package of MP100 includes a micro-USB charger that allows you to recharge the device from PC, laptop, car, or USB adapter.

Oakcastle MP100 Pros and Cons

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Full Set of Features
  • Water Resistant Silicone Case
  • Too Small
  • No Dimmable Display

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The MP100 is undoubtedly a perfect electronics device to take your favorite songs nearly wherever you go. I can easily make a list of things to love about this music player but it also has a few shortcomings that should be taken into consideration. Here’s a closer look to the plus and minus of this tiny MP3 player.

Oakcastle MP100 Pros

  • Portable and Lightweight

Specifically designed with sports in mind, the MP100 delivers a compact and lightweight frame. Weighing only 27 grams way more lighter than RUIZU M17 Mini Portable Sport MP3 Player that weight 70 grams, carrying the device won’t be a big deal. Besides, it also has quite small dimensions that can easily fit in your suitcase, pocket, or even slip on your belt. The player comes in handy to accompany your outdoor or indoor activity.

  • Rechargeable Battery

Listen to your favorite songs without worrying about battery life as it features a 300mAH battery that lasts up to 30 hours. Don’t worry about dead battery as it can be recharged thanks to a micro-USB charger included in every package. You can easily recharge the battery from various devices like computer, laptop, or USB adapter.

  • Full Set of Features

Another good thing to love about the MP100 is adjustable features. Despite its tiny size, this music player supports several functionalities like sound recorder, FM radio, and Bluetooth. Not to mention it comes with an expandable SD card slot that can be upgraded to 128 GB. Can you imagine how many songs can be stored in this mini device?

  • Water Resistant Silicone Case

The MP100 is not designed to be water-resistant but it comes bundled with a water resistant silicone case that lets you carry this player in all weathers. Even if you want to enjoy a party by the pool, the silicone case ensures your music player is safe.

Oakcastle MP100 Cons

  • Too Small

On the one hand, designed to be compact and lightweight is a good thing. On the other hand, it can be a disaster especially if you are not careful enough in keeping the device. It can easily disappear and finding this tiny device can be a real struggle.

  • No Dimmable Display

This player doesn’t feature dimmable display. In the event you need to use the device in the darkness, the color LCD screen can be too bright and irritating to eyes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you other options.


All in all, the Oakcastle MP100 is a portable Bluetooth MP3 player that supports wired and wireless listening. This tiny device is loaded with features to bring your favorite music wherever you are. It comes with brilliant design that makes it a perfect companion for sports and outdoor activities. Supported by rechargeable and long lasting battery, the MP100 is the best MP3 player you could ask for.

Oakcastle MP100 Specifications

Screen1.5 inch 128*128 TFT display
Flash Memory16GB
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 4.0
Recording FormatFM/MIC record and WAV
BatteryLi-polymer rechargeable 300mAh
FM frequency87.5-108MHZ
Micro-SD card Compatible with SD cards up to 128GB
Charging time3 hours
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Oakcastle MP100

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